Case Studies

Drakelow Park

Drakelow Site Services manages the 110 hectare Drakelow Park site in Burton on Trent. The site includes 40 hectares of green space including woodland and landscaped areas. Our work includes sectional felling, stump removal, grinding, planting and coppicing as part of a full woodland maintenance package.

Private Residential Tree Surgery Work

Drakelow Site Services has handled the removal of trees, which in some cases were subjected to Tree Preservation Orders. The work involved preparing and submitting the relevant applications to the planning authority through to the safe removal and disposal of the trees and stumps.

Forestry Commission

In conjunction with the Forestry Commission, Drakelow Site Services has undertaken coppicing and tree removal.

Walton Bypass Tree Removal and Planting

Drakelow Site Services undertook tree removal to prepare the site of the proposed Walton Bypass in South Derbyshire. The company has also undertaken planting and landscaping of the new flood plains.

When the Bypass work continues, Drakelow Site Services will manage the installation of bat boxes as well as otter halts and species rich grassland to improve the ecology of the area, working with the Wildlife Trust to put in place a substantial landscape and ecological management plan to ensure that species are managed until they reach maturity.

E.ON Nature Reserve (Derbyshire Wildlife Trust)

Working with Toyota and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, Drakelow Site Services erected Osprey Nesting Platforms at the Drakelow Nature Reserve, Burton on Trent. The ambitious project was designed to encourage ospreys to breed in the Trent Valley. The artificial nest platforms were erected at the Drakelow Nature Reserve in September 2011.

Drakelow Digger

The team erecting Osprey Nesting Platforms

Toyota Digger

With the Toyota sponsorship team